Rover XL

MSRP $9995

Voted the Best "True Four-Seater"

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

5kW AC Motor

Tilt Steering

Rear Camera

110V AC Outlet

( Optional Paid Feature )

LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Four Wheel Hydraulic Brakes

40 miles


5 hours

Full Charge

25 mph

Top Speed

5 years

Battery Warranty

*Denago EV products are available at any Denago EV authorized dealers near you. Thank you for supporting local businesses.

“With its sleek design and practical features, Rover XL doesn’t just meet your family’s needs – it does it with style.”

Integrated Turn Signals

Tilt Steering

Extended Roof Top

48V 105Ah Denago LiFePO4

5kW Denago AC Electric Motor

Powder-Coat Aluminum Chassis with 2.5'' Lift

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

NFC Touch to Start & Stop

Front & Rear Sound System
Front & Rear Sound System

HD Backup Camera


Denago EV Rover XL is available at any Denago EV authorized dealers near you. If you need help finding a dealer near you, please call or text our customer service line at 877-522-0777 any time. We are happy to assist.

Yes, we do. Dealer Direct is our primary consumer financing partner.

We offer lifetime warranty on our Aluminum Chassis, 5-year warranty on our LiFePO4 Lithium Battery and 2-year warranty on other major parts and components. You can find warranty details in our Limited Lifetime Warranty Terms and Conditions.

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